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Don’t let these rising interest rates and house prices stop you from owning a home you love. Why not use OPC?? That’s right – Other Peoples’ Cash!!!  💵💸💶. You can be backed with the cash of a reputable lease purchase program for a home you love and then lease it with the right to buy for up to five years.  

Listen….If you need time to work on your credit and save money, then this is the easiest and most affordable way to beat this market and inflation. If this market competition is too much for you to handle, let my cash buyer compete FOR you! 

If this sounds like the perfect program for you and you currently have at least a 580 credit score and a $40K annual income, then apply to the website for more information.

Of course, always feel free to ☎️ or 💬. 678–934–3041 (c) or 678–909–7709 (o)


Factor that determines your interest rates

Here are seven key factors that affect your interest rate that you should know:

-Credit scores
-Home location
-Home price and loan amount
-Down payment
-Loan term
-Interest type
-Loan type

Knowing these factors can help you better prepare for the homebuying process and for negotiating your mortgage loan.


Selling Tips

When comparing the two options, renting can often come out ahead, at least compared to the early years of a home purchase.

There’s no single answer to the question “Should I rent or buy?” Your solution depends on where you live, whether renting or buying an equivalent home is cheaper, and on additional assumptions you can include in your analysis. A handful of shifting factors can also influence your answer, many of them out of your control, like the direction of the housing market, interest rates and returns on investment.

Schedule a call and let’s discuss your options today as you can also rent to own a property.


How to prepare to buy

Between a recent jump in inflation, historically low interest rates and the mood of millennials to rent instead of own, buying rental property has been on an uptick in recent years📈

But we are here to save your day with some of our ground rules which you should consider when deciding to buy a house while you are on tenant mode⏩

🏷️Find the right location
🏷️Budget for the unexpected
🏷️Keep an eye on your credit score
🏷️Enjoy your renting lifestyle while it lasts

Are you ready to start mapping out your home search?
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Home warranties

Not everyone thinks home warranty companies are worth the cost, but we are here to convince you to the contrary!

A home warranty ⏩

📌Benefits homeowners by providing reassurance that they can move in without worrying about shelling out even more for add-on or surprise repairs
📌Benefits home sellers since it can cover these elements during the listing period. At times, home sellers will offer to pay for the first year of a buyer’s home warranty to entice buyers to bite.

Whether your home is newly constructed, it is wise to get a home warranty to insure against the high cost of home repairs. ✔️

Start this new journey together with us to make everything right and get you the home of your dreams…contact us


Utilities when moving

So, you’ve picked out the perfect new home, started packing your belongings, and hired a moving company.

What’s left on your moving checklist? Moving your utilities!

✍🏽What to keep in mind
✍🏽Make your utilities checklists
✍🏽Include basic utilities
✍🏽Know your providers

This necessary to-do item is crucial to set up because the last thing you want on Moving Day is to settle into a new place that doesn’t have electricity or running water
You can get our assistance on anything you need before moving in on your new place